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1/12/2018 9:00 pm  #21

Re: Mansfield away replay

Bowblue wrote:

glynthomas wrote:

Still dithering about this.

Two choices :
1 Go to London and get back there at silly o'clock and no way of getting back to my car to drive home.
2 Go to Cardiff and link up with a supporters coach with my car parked up a street near to CCS.

Mmmmm. ?

Glyn if you park the car at South Ealing you can get there later in about 45 minutes from Kings Cross.

This will Involve a bus to Paddington, the train to Ealing Broadway then bus to South Ealing.

From memory there’s street parking at South Ealing.

Also the Piccadilly line runs into Kings Cross on the way In

You know it makes sense Glyn, see you Tuesday..

OK will start looking into it shortly  - will get a match ticket tomorrow.


1/16/2018 5:40 pm  #22

Re: Mansfield away replay

Good luck tonight everyone. 


1/17/2018 12:40 am  #23

Re: Mansfield away replay

Good result in the end, thought first half we could of done better.

Just got on train at Newark with Fat Cat, thanks for the tip Warrior.

Settling down with a few beers, it’s a long journey. 😀⚽️🍺🍺


1/17/2018 1:01 am  #24

Re: Mansfield away replay

Chapeau chaps! as us cyclists say. Glad you saw the win and didn't have to endure to much anxiety it seems. Also relieved to hear the travel arrangements worked out as planned as I wouldn't have heard the last of it if my tip had gone all Pete Tong


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