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12/26/2017 3:12 pm  #11

Re: Fulham at home Boxing Day

It's shut I'm sorry to say.


12/27/2017 2:42 pm  #12

Re: Fulham at home Boxing Day

rossbloom49 wrote:

Chris O wrote:

Myself and Mrs O will be going to the match, but are spending the morning with my parents so doubt we will get there before the match. I plan on being in the Chapter before the Preston match on 29th, but I suspect you will have escaped back to London by then!!!

Chris, have you and Mrs O room for me in both directions on Boxing Day in the back of your car if I drive down to your place? I won't hold my breath as I'm pretty sure you only have 2 seats in your motor!! But am asking just in case you've changed your car to a bigger model. Thanks.


Sorry Ross - just saw this! You're right - we only have 2 seats and anyway we stayed with my parents in Cardiff on Xmas day and drove to my sister in laws near Wrexham straight from the match, so we couldn't help you out on all accounts!! See you on Friday!


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